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Securing a position in Saudi Arabia is becoming more demanding as far as requirements go. Often times schools and colleges require as a minimum a Bachelors in English and 3 years full time experience plus a CELTA or TESOL .
International schools require a PGCSE teaching certificate or equivalent and a subject related degree.


Oman is becoming a popular destination for teaching positions.  Many government colleges are looking for Native ,qualified teachers with a minimum of a bachelors degree in English, CELTA or TESOL and 3 years full time experience teaching adults for a ESL position.
International schools require a teaching licence plus a subject related degree

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The Oxford Partnership of schools are opening their doors to prospective teachers who hold a relevant Bachelors in the area they wish to teach and a CELTA or TESOL .


China is gradually recovering after the Coronavirus outbreak at the beginning of 2020. However schools are beginning to accept applications for starts in April .
Public schools in China are a safe option as the working hours are favorable and teachers enjoy a more relaxed schedule .
A Bachelors and a TEFL certificate is a minimum requirement and for visa purposes teachers should be citizens of Uk,US,Canada,Ireland,South Africa, Austrailia or New Zealand .

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